Kayangan Lake, One of Asia’s Cleanest Freshwater Lake

Kayangan Lake is a popular tourist destination located on Coron Island in the province of Palawan, Philippines. It is often hailed as one of the cleanest lakes in Asia and is known for its crystal-clear turquoise waters surrounded by towering limestone cliffs and lush greenery. The lake is part of the larger Coron Island, which is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and is a favorite spot for divers, snorkelers, and nature enthusiasts.

To reach Kayangan Lake, visitors usually need to take a boat ride from Coron town to Coron Island. From the drop-off point, there is a short hike uphill to a viewpoint that offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the area. After that, there are steps leading down to the lake itself. The hike and steps can be a bit steep, but the mesmerizing scenery awaiting visitors makes it well worth the effort.

The lake’s water is renowned for its remarkable clarity, allowing visibility of up to 10 meters (33 feet) deep. The visibility is so high that the sun’s rays penetrate the water, illuminating the vibrant coral reefs and rock formations beneath the surface. Snorkeling and swimming in the lake offer a unique experience as visitors can marvel at the underwater beauty while surrounded by stunning natural surroundings.

The area around Kayangan Lake is also home to rich biodiversity. Lush vegetation, towering limestone cliffs, and unique rock formations contribute to the picturesque landscape. Visitors can explore the area by taking a boat tour or by participating in activities like kayaking or paddleboarding.

As a popular tourist spot, Kayangan Lake can get crowded at times, especially during peak tourist seasons. To ensure the preservation of the lake and the surrounding environment, visitors are usually required to follow certain guidelines such as not littering, using only biodegradable products, and not touching or damaging the corals and other marine life.

Kayangan Lake is a true gem of the Philippines, offering a serene and awe-inspiring natural environment that attracts visitors from around the world. It is a must-visit destination for those seeking a tranquil escape amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

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