Coron Island Day 2 of 4 – CYC Beach, Twin Lagoon, Kayangan Lake and Coron Town

The night played the melody of nature. Birds chirping, gecko echoing, cricket singing, wood pecker hammering and insects buzzing.  The circadian rhythm has not adjusted fully. Woke up early the next morning with the smooth breeze and the water tossed to the beach. A big breakfast was served to fuel the adventure for the day. A 2-course meal with 3 mains were swept clean by the 6 beastly appetite.
Breakfast at Majika Resort for the beastly appetite to energise for the activity of the day.

Coron Youth Camp Beach (aka CYC Beach)

Left Majika at 8AM to head on to the CYC Beach (Coron Youth Camp). It’s small patch of course white sand with a good amount of coral reef.
Coron Youth Club Beach, a small island with course white sand.
CYC Island underwater ecosystem


Open sesame at CYC reef.

Twin Lagoon

As the name suggests there are 2 lagoon in the bay. It’s a brachish water where the salt and fresh water come into union. There will be a significant temperature difference under water as a result. There are two ways to acces the lagoon: through the wooden staircase over the tiny passage in between the massive rock mountains or underwater.
Twin Lagoon, a massive rock mountain separating the brachish saltwater and fresh water.

Kayangan Lake

Next destination is the Kayangan Lake.   We had our lunch in one of the bamboo shed on stilts.  A 15-minute hike and descend to the mountain to reach the lake.

It’s a freshwater at middle of the mountain formation surrounded by Coron Bay. It’s crystal clear and the rock formation are amazing.  Atlantis if you may.  Wooden platforms are created around the perimeter of the lake. Couple of bamboo rafts are available for anyone to use.  A small cave at the left side of the lake where light emanates from the hole right above.  Be aware that it’s a bit dark and challenge for claustrophobic.
Amazing rock formation at the bottom of the Kayangan Lake still crystal clear as deep as 30 feet.
Our guide taking a deep dive into the Kayangan Lake’s crystal clear water.
Docking station of boats at the entrance of the mountain that goes to the Kayangan Lake.

Coron Town

We had a brief stop at the Coron Town to buy souvenirs. Walked from the port to the market. Bought some cashew nuts and t-shirts. The sun is scorching hot making us profusely drench in sweat. The town shows the simplicity of life in the market place.  This is where most of the supplies originates.  Right at the middle of the town, the mountain where the CORON Hollywood style structure is erected. About 700 steps up to the summit.  We decided not to climb though as we felt like a fish that was taken out of the water and wanting to be returned.
Caron Town with it’s summit from the boat docking area.
Returned to the boat on a tricycle which can carry more than 7 passengers at Php10 each.  The driver is from Pangasinan who married a local and settled in Coron. Headed back to the resort early.

Apo Island Mountain Hike

Before the day is over, we climbed the mountain at the back of the resort for the bird’s eye view of the Apo Island. We consumed 20 minutes climbing to reach the summit in time for the sunset.
Panoramic view from the Apo Island summit
Another panoramic view from the Apo Island summit.
Keep watching this site as the Day 3 and 4 Coron, Palawan adventure is about to come to a conclusion.

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