“BER” signals the Christmas Atmosphere

The moment the “ber” months arrive, everyone in the Philippine archipelago starts to setup the Christmas decorations.  The radio stations wake everyone with carols.  Malls adorned with massive Christmas trees and gift boxes.  Malls will be playing Mariah Carey, Jose Marie Chan and other artists’ Christmas songs.  The highways, roads, trees, houses and anything else you can hang a decor on will start to glimmer with thousands upon thousands of lights and lanterns.   And there’s this massive Giant Lantern Festival in Pampanga. Belen, a depiction of the birth of Christ Jesus takes centre stage everywhere you go. September, October, November, December and even up to early weeks of January, the Christmas festive days are in the area.

Up in the Northern Hemisphere, it will be a white Christmas.  Down under the Southern Hemisphere, it will be a summer Christmas.

Such a lovely sight celebrating the birth of Immanuel, the Saviour, Jesus.  May you be filled with love, hope and joy.  Enjoy the reason this season has brought, salvation to mankind.


Spruce up the Spring/Summer down under and catch the Fall/Winter up above the hemisphere.  Here are the back-to-basic lyrically aligned Christmas songs celebration Jesus.

Youtube Christmas Playlist

Spotify Christmas Playlist

Spotify Upbeat Christmas Playlist