Cascades from the Blue Sky- Tangadan Falls, San Gabriel, La Union



Majestically rising 40 feet, Tangadan Falls, hailed for having the cleanest inland body of water in La Union, is situated in Sitio Bulala of Barangay Duplas, San Gabriel.


The cascades is surrounded by a dense rain forest and is difficult to reach because of its hidden location. Tangadan Falls is magnificently beautiful, it was known before to be the “hidden paradise” of the province but it was already found and was very famous especially today.


This picturesque falls looked like a wall of brown satin threaded with silver. It is huge yet lovely.It was roaring down into the pool like a gigantic water spout.


I visited Tangadan Falls for three main reason:

  1. We were required to have an Eco Walk in one of my course and we chose Tangadan Falls.
  2. I heard the place several times and I am really eager to visit it.
  3. Since I was born and raised in La Union, I must go and see the hidden gem of my own province.


  1. Ride a bus going to La Union/ Vigan/ Laoag/ Abra/ Candon. (When you are from Baguio, Metro Manila, Pampanga, Pangasinan)
  2. Drop off to San Fernando, La Union Plaza.
  3. Walk few meters (at San Fernando Market) to the jeepney going to San Gabriel .
  4. The jeepney will drop you to the town proper of San Gabriel.
  5. From San Gabriel town, ride a tricycle heading to the drop-off point going to Tangadan Falls.



Long Tiring Hike.The trek going to Tangadan Falls is really hard, you need to exert effort to leap, balance and walk but after this it will surely be worthwhile. The trek can last for an hour or two.There will be steep trails (rain forests), muddy paths (grasslands), and several cobbles and boulders (rivers). The hike doesn’t require hiking equipment. I used a pair of slippers since there are times that you will get wet.


Multitude. Since it is an emerging tourist spot, expect large number of visitors especially on weekends and holidays.


Convenience. Nipa huts are set up in the area where you can stay. There are life vests, salbabidas and bamboo rafts to be rented if you wanted too. There are also several stores going to the Falls and in the area itself so you can buy all the things you need there in reasonable prices. There is also a comfort room for you to change clothes and do some necessities.


Exhilarating Experience. Expect to have a memorable experience. All the things you will experience will be worth remembering because the beauty of the waterfalls is really surreal. The water is clean and has a strong pounding sound. The bliss-pool at the bottom was varnish clear and cold.



You should try the following to completely enjoy the Tangadan Falls experience.

Cliff Diving. You can jump at the cliff diving point 15-minute away from Tangadan Falls. There are options to choose whether to jump at 20 feet, 8-10 feet or if you don’t have the courage you can just watch someone else to do so.

Sight Seeing. You can go to the top of the Tangadan Falls’ cliff, in here you can view the whole cascades and try to dip into series of mini falls and mini pools.

Shower at the Falls. This is a must. You should try to shower under the falls by (1) swim to approach the falls, but I’m telling you it is really hard or (2) by bamboo raft.



Rent a bamboo raft. It’s cheap yet very fun and exciting.


Swim. Relax, unwind and just feel the ice cold water Tangadan Falls has to offer.



Diversity. There are several floras and faunas to see there. While hiking, you can see varieties of animals and plants. You can hear the birds chirping and the bamboo trees swaying with the wind.


  1. Hydration
  2. Food
  3. Swim wear and extra clothes
  4. Camera if possible the under water camera


  • Fare going to San Fernando: 80 php- student from Baguio (Partas Air-conditioned bus)
  • Jeepney going to San Gabriel: 26 php
  • Tricycle going to drop-off point: 10 php per person (3-5 person per trike)
  • Tour Guide: According to what is agreed, probably 100 php per person. (Not required)
  • Registration Fee: FREE, just write your name and the place where you came from.
  • Nipa Hut Rate: 300 php per hut
  • Life Vest Rate: 50 php per vest
  • Bamboo Raft Rental: 20 php per head (Bamboo Rafts are per batch, we are only 5 so we waited other groups to be with us, we are 11 in the raft when we used it, it is okay since it is big and sturdy)


Tangadan Falls is a place you can really fall in love. You can see its rainbow, you can hear its songs and you can feel its boldness. It is a masterpiece of the Lord. It is the cascades falling from the blue sky.