Mount Ruapehu Snow Peaks at Whakapapa – NZ Largest Ski Area

Known as the largest ski area in New Zealand, Mt. Ruapehu Whakapapa Ski Area is located on the north-western side of the mountain. For the advanced skiers, Turua Ski area is for you which is located in the south-western side.


How to Get There

Mt. Ruapehu is more than 4 hours drive from Auckland Central.  This is the closest snow peak from the city centre. Depending on the road condition and driving skills, you can reach the mountain in under 4 hours.

There are several ways to get to Mt. Ruapehu.  By private car, train, bus and plane. Click here for the link on how to get there.

We rented a van last time we went there. Just for a day trip and sight seeing for a bunch of people who doesn’t ski.  Photo shoots and horseplay is the objective.  We left early from Auckland at 5:30AM and there goes the road trip.


Auckland to Mt Ruapehu Route
Auckland to Mt Ruapehu Route


Winter Opening and Accomodation

Both the Whakapapa and Turua Ski Area will open on July 2.  So better watch out for further news and weather advisory in their website.  Better yet make an advanced booking if you want to stay in the chalet and holiday houses to experience the burr and freezing weather of the mountain.  Accommodation starts as low as $25 per person.