The Job Market in Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Not one. Not two. Not even three. But four bags were used to bring the 70kg baggage from Singapore down to the southern hemisphere.  A decision to move down under and start anew.

Te Rewa Rewa Bridge and Mt. Taranaki (Mt. Egmont) at the middle. Located at the Coastal Walkway in New Plymouth.

All it takes is more than 10 hours direct flight from Singapore to Auckland. GMT+13 hours is for New Zealand. In other words 5 hours ahead of Singapore and Philippines during daylight saving which starts in September.  And 4 hours ahead when daylight saving is over commencing in April.

Journeyed on a Job Search Visa (JSV) valid for 9 months upon arrival. The Resident Visa is pending at this stage and will only be granted once a job is offered under the ones listed in the Long Term Skills Shortage (LTSS).  These are generic job titles which you have to match with the job functions offered.
Touchdown in Auckland International Airport with an autumn breeze caressing the face. Another 6-hr journey via Intercity bus from Auckland to New Plymouth. Fetched by my brother’s housemates in Bell Block, New Plymouth and served a welcoming Pinoy dinner. Unloaded the years of stuffs from Asia to Oceana.
From the “la la land” to the long e, it’s quite amusing and interesting to have unique characteristics of different ethnicities. From the scorching heat of 35 degrees to chilly autumn of 15. What a drastic difference in the weather from one continent to another.
All you have to do is seek. Yes, go to and look for jobs.  JSV allows you to works for any employers, jobs, part time or full, or get as many jobs as you can.  Well you have to land in a job mentioned in the skills shortage within nine months to lift your visa to Resident. Otherwise you might be kicked out of the country. It’s good for those who have been granted Resident Visa before they even arrive. They don’t have to worry about the 9 months deadline.
Create a clear-cut resume. Your work experience, skills and basic contact details should be the ones written. The shorter and more concise the better. Kiwi-syle as they call it.  Delete your mugshot, unless applying for a modeling job.
Some are fortunate to land in a job instantaneously. Others take months.  The savings you have prepared when the visa officer requested for proof of financial capacity comes in handy. As it may takes months to land on a job.
We might still have the mentality of being ashame of working on a low profile job.  Especially when you were in a high ranking position back then. Time to swallow your pride. In NZ, it does not matter if you are waiting tables, cleaning rooms, fruit picking or whatever jobs you can think of. Each one is treated equally. As long as you earn something to put food on the table. The minimum wage is $14.25/hour (around Php486/hr).
Employers or HR staffs knows your distance from the workplace. So they will call for initial interviews. They would even setup a video interview so that you don’t have to travel places and avoid the unnecessary spending. Just like the rest, I do have my fair share of interviews and declined applications. I can’t even count it!
While waiting for the right moment, go out and meet people. Enjoy life. Visit parks. Jog. Run. Swim. Cycle. Aotearoa (local name of New Zealand) is a beautiful country. Relax life. Laid back. Go fish. Wait for the low tide and gather shellfish. Play with the snow in Mt. Ruapehu, Mt. Taranaki, or Queenstown and the south island . Surf the Tasman Sea. Go to church and get involved (Visit C3 in New Plymouth or Victory in Auckland). Don’t confine yourself in the four corners of your room. There are lots of things to explore. Live life.
Yes, it’s not easy to be away from your comfort zone. But you have decided to start a new leaf. Make the most out of it.
It took me 3 months to get a job, to be honest. Savings are dwindling. There’s a mortgage to pay. It’s good to have my brother to support me. But need to earn on my own as well.
Mt. Taranaki aka Mt. Egmont covered in snow during winter times.

It is daunting. But remember how God knows the numbers of your hair. He is into details. He knows your needs (Luke 12:7). Set aside the thought of giving up. The Lord has orchestrated ways for you to emigrate. Certainly He will carry you through to fulfillment. Remember to abide and align with Him.

In the next post, money breakdown. How much you need to earn, tax, rental, bills, etc.