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US Stocks Investing in New Zealand using Hatch


If you have been trading with US Stocks in New Zealand, Hatch is easiest and cheapest I found so far. Been trading with ANZ Securities (now Direct Broking) before, but I find Hatch better and cheaper for US Stock market. Direct Broking is reserved for New Zealand Stock market. Key points for Hatch below. Fee per trade is US$3. Fractional investing is allowed. Bank transfer to fund your account. Clean and easy interface. No minimum investment amount. No holding fees. No joining fees. 0.5% To exchange your NZD to USD A one-off $1.50 USD fee and annual $0.50 USD

How to Trade in the Stock Market


Common stocks in publicly traded companies are found in different exchanges in different countries. Apple, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Google, Moderna, Gilead and Tesla are some of the companies one can buy and sell in the US stock market.  Air New Zealand, ANZ, Ryman Healthcare and Mercury are found in the New Zealand stock market.   Yahoo Finance ( is a good website to check the worldwide stock market.  It shows the historical performance of each company shown by a ticker.  A ticker is the name of the company used in the stock market.  Apple for example uses AAPL. Buy and

The Cost of Having a Baby in New Zealand – Free, Almost

Probably you are wondering how much it costs to have a baby.  Specifically in New Zealand.   Pre-Natal One thing you need to know is that having baby in NZ is a breeze.  A breeze in the sense that it is almost free.  Checkups, visit to the midwife, ultrasound scans, actual delivery and stay in the hospital are free.  The only thing you have to pay for is the professional fee of the radiologist.  Friends and family normally hands down baby clothes or through gifting.  The big chunk of expenditure will fall on the crib, bassinet, stroller/pram, carseat/capsule and some

New Zealand Stocks Trading using Direct Broking

Known previously as ANZ Securities, Direct Broking is one of the low fee New Zealand stocks trading broker. It deals with NZ, AU, US and UK stocks. But I use it primarily for NZ stocks trading. With the another post, I use Hatch for US stocks trading. Important Note : Sharesies is more cost-effective than Direct Broking if trading amount is below $5,000. Move to Direct Broking if you are trading $5,000 and above. Key points. Minimum of NZD29.95 per trade. Direct debit arrangement. No holding fees for NZ stocks. Online trading. Below are some of the trading screenshots.

Peruvian Apple Cactus Flower Bloom Time-Lapse

It only blooms once a night.  Then the flower withers the following morning.  It is called the Peruvian Apple Cactus.  The GoPro Hero Silver was mounted in front of the cactus plan on one drizzling night.  It took around couple of hours to record the bloom.   This is actually edible.  My mother added the young florets in a dish called “dinengdeng”.  It is an Ilocano dish which consists of several local veggies with a fermented fish sauce.     Advertisements

Survival in Singapore – Part 1

(Repost from a previous site June 2008)        Diaspora of Filipinos worldwide is but normal and to search for a greener pasture is an over the top statement. Now, let me have my personal take and experience on this specifically in Singapore (SG). This will be first hand info and guide on anyone who wants to take risk.   Been working in the Philippines for almost 6 years in two multinational companies , I’m way pass my target to work for 5 years in PH and move to another country. The thought of migrating to Canada, Australia or